Grateful Dead
1969/08/21- Seattle, WA

1. //Casey Jones
2. Easy Wind
3. Morning Dew>
4. High Time
5. Mama Tried>
6. Me & My Uncle
7. New Minglewood Blues>
8. China Cat Sunflower>
9. Doin’ That Rag//
10. //Big Boss Man
11. Sittin’ on Top of the World
12. Cryptical Envelopment>
13. Drums>
14. The Other One>
15. Cryptical reprise>
16. Dark Star>
17. Cosmic Charlie

Usually the Dead’s PNW concerts are beyond reproach. For some reason, this doesn’t sit as well as the others. From a seemingly odd speed of the songs they start with, through the common cuts in the tape, and then the short ‘Star’ at the end? It’s not bad per-se. Maybe my impression of this concert will change on another listen. We’ll see.!wexWhQSb!FRkmFoC_4UBEnyJ9eIBmhg

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