Grateful Dead
1969/06/07- San Francisco, CA

1. Dire Wolf>
2. Dupree’s Diamond Blues>
3. Mountains of the Moon>
4. Dark Star>
5. Saint Stephen>
6. The Eleven>
7. //Sittin’ on Top of the World>
8. Cold Rain & Snow>
9. Doin’ That Rag
10. Me & My Uncle
11. Turn on Your Lovelight (W/ Janis Joplin)

Another day of this run, another surprise. The guest for the night is none other than THE Janis Joplin! I like how the Dead To The Core Unofficial Alminac describes the connection something along the lines of, ‘Pigpen’s sometimes lover and always pal’. That’s just so perfect. Anyway, fine concert all around, cut and all, leading up to the loose, fun finish. Enjoy!!MaIilAKB!kLXIIvLG6YP6OgB4cp1F-A

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