After just reviewing The Stooges a few days ago, will that affect my review of the starrey-eyed Donovan’s late sixties effort? Not in the least. This is a fantastic album! Not only one of his best, but a great representation of the era.

The album itself is also something of a minor turning point. While it starts out as trippy as ever, with the title track and (the 3rd chrologically, first officially released) “Superlungs”, the album drifts into baroque softness. Is it just me, or does “Trudi” sound a little glam?

No review would be complete without mention of “Atlantis”. Oh, the spoken-word intro! The mammoth, long-fade chorus! Absolutely fantastic! A perfect Donovan farewell to the 1960’s.

I have owned multiple coppies of this and the covers all look a little different (coloeing-wise). Will have to post a comparison at some point. Also, the CD reissue is an essential choice- cram-packed with bonus songs! “Stromberg Twins” and “Sweet Beverly” are worth it themselves, top songs of a top artist.

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