And so began Punk!

There may be other claims of linneage, but I think I agree with the consensus on this one. And what a start!

As if the declaration needed reinforcement, the album gurggles to life with the ‘well all right,’ of “1969”! From there, all the hallmarks of the genre come out almost fully formed. You could argue that the evolution wouldn’t be absolutely, fully-realized ’till Raw Power a few years later. Maybe throw a few other artists or titles out there. But really, this is the blueprint!

Disaffected and wild vocals abound. The music grinds along, often abrasively, and the lyrics speak to disallusionment, distilled desire, and nihilism. The sixties really were coming to a close.

Not that that was really a surprisze to anyone paying attention or aware of cycles. Still, the stark corner turned here is inspired. Even songs that were more in line with contemporary dark psychedlia, “We Will Fall”, for example, push further past what else was going on musically at the time.

I would seriously be remiss not to talk about “I Wanna Be Your Dog”. It is arguably not only the album’s highlight, but a defining song from the genre and Iggy Pop’s career. What a masterpiece! Of any song to represent the emerging genre, it checks all the required boxes. Effortlessly and defiantly of the boxes themselves.

The rest of the songs are consistantly good, but less memorable.

The production, I always thought was great as well. On that note, the 2 CD version is definately the one to get. It has the original John Cale mixes. Much nosier. While I can understand why it was decided not to go with them, they are an interesting glimpse into the album’s gestation.

Highest recommendation!

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