Once again, Fogerty and company come out with a super-solid record! 2 for 2 in ’69 (and one more to come)!

My favorites are two of the big singles, “Lodi” and “Bad Moon Rising”. I grew up with these popping up on the oldies station quite frequently. Excellent songs! Quintessential contemporary swamp songs. …And yes, I was one of the people who heard ‘bathroom on the right’.

The rest of the songs are good too, though much less memorable in my opinion. “Commotion” and the title track, for example, are fine, but maybe a little deriviative of their own work just a record ago. Fine none the less, and I wouldn’t even go as far as to say that they constitute filler. “Night Time Is The Right Time” also deserves mention I think.

The reissue CD has a few unreleased songs and live cuts which are good, but not absolutely necessecary. The album itself stands up and is a good addition to any collection. If you needed a single album of Southern Rock? Here’s arguably one of the best!

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