Vinyl Moon- Volume 049: Memory Museum

A1: Story of Luc – “Go On”
A2: Warming – “White Lies”
A3: Wasuremono – “Are You OK?”
A4: Sunshine Brothers Inc. – “In Your Dreams”
A5: Diamond Thug – “Gaiafy”

B1: Safe To Swim – “Why Does He Wanna Know?”
B2: GoldenStates – “Winding River”
B3: Cavern Company – “Enough?”
B4: The Panic Division – “Kill the Lights”
B5: We Are Rome – “Whitley Bay”


Tip-on style gatefold jacket with UV spot-gloss highlights
Additional art poster insert
Bone colored vinyl
Lyrics & art postcard sheet
Intro letter

Visual Artist: Laurie Avon

Month 4.

This month was a true mix, to be sure. There were some songs I loved(“White Lies”, “Gaiafy”) and some I hated (“Go On”, “Kill the Lights”). The other songs averaged out. As far as a theme? Eh.

So far, the expected highlight for the series has been the emersive packaging. While, gimmicky for sure, doesn’t make it any less fun. This month, however, I feel came up short. I didn’t personally care for it. The cartoony, wood block style isn’t really my thing, and the art didn’t exceed my predisposition. I was hoping the vinyl inside would be more exciting too. “Bone” colored? Eh.

Well, not every month can be an all-around winner. Still early in my subscription to make a broad judgment really. I sitll am excited for next month’s offering!

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