Grateful Dead
1969/04/06- San Francisco, CA (INC)

1. //Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
2. tuning
3. Beat It on Down the Line
4. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
5. I’m a King Bee
6. //Crytical Envelopment>
7. Drums>
8. The Other One>
9. Cryptical reprise>
10. Death Don’t Have No Mercy
11. Turn on Your Lovelight
12. tuning
13. Viola Lee Blues

Day 3. Unfortunately this night’s tape is cut in several spots. Regardless, what is circulating sounds great and is filled with all sorts of goodies: early performance of ‘BIODTL’ and ‘Baby Blue’. The rare-ish ‘King Bee’, and a later outing of the monster “Viola Lee Blues”!

I also have to mention the wonderful artwork of Jack Jackson. Cool stuff! Hope you enjoyed this superb Avalon run!!JXwgTCoJ!gql_Tf9_Fk-Zd6JHw19rzA

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