The Kinks
1969/10/23- Boston, MA, (Tea Party)

1. Last Of The Steam Powered Trains
2. Mindless Child Of Motherhood
3. Waterloo Sunset
4. Tuning
5. Mr Churchill Says
6. Victoria
7. You Really Got Me
8. All Day And The All Of The Night
9. Well Respected Man
10. Death Of A Clown
11. Dandy
12. Milk Cow Blues
13. See My Friend
14. Rip It Up
15. Brainwashed
16. Sunny Afternoon
17. Till The End Of The Day

Rough but still mostly listenable recording of a fantastic performance! No lie, it is distorted especially on the louder songs. Still, the Kinks must have really been something to see live. Nice mix of songs, noting exceptionally uncommon for the time, but welcome all the same. Hope you enjoy! Will post the other Kinks performance I have from the same run soon.

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