Great movie, tough album to review.

First and foremost, there are 3 original songs. “Hey Bulldog” is a great rocking nonsense song, tied with Harrison’s hypnotic “It’s All Too Much”. “All Together Now” is nice enough, but honestly inferior to similar McCartney tunes. Short, but basically an EP of Beatles could never be anything less than great. The first two I’d highly recommend downloading.

Next, three old Beatles songs used in the movie. These are perfectly great, but only represents some that were utilized. As a Beatles fan, you should get the respective albums they are taken from first. If you are comining into fandom from the movie (hey- no judgement!), there is a Yellow Submarine Songtrack album that has all the movie’s Beatles songs comiled in order that is a far better purchase.

Lastly, an entire half of the album is dedicated to the film’s orchestral selections. These are ok, but I have probably only listened to it once or twice in fifteen years. Not my thing.

Maybe to critical of the package and the prestige of the band’s output itself, but recommendation comes only conditionally and modestly. Also of note, the mono LP re-issue box set does contain the 3 essential songs as part of the compilation volume collecting non-album tracks. So that’s nice and sounds great.

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