I’ll just get it out of the way- this is an essential rock album.

The mighty Zepp’s debut really is spectacular. While it isn’t as varied or nuanced as what they would eventually produce, the bedrock of the band is layed down here with great aplomb. Some of the songs (“I Can’t Quit You Baby”)do lean a bit heavier into the bluesy side of things, but the rock (“Communication Breakdown”)is as rolicking as ever, the psychedlia has enough space to bloom (“Dazed and Confused”), and you’d be hard pressed to deny that the tunes aren’t among their catchiest (“Good Times Bad Times”).

One song that has always struck me as odd is “Your Time is Gonna Come”. Something of a lost twin of The Rolling Stones’ contemporary “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”. Tell me I’m wrong!

I have an original LP and the CD box set version. The CD mastering there sonunds fine to me (before major widespread brickwalling). Released within the last year or so is a new re-issue with sessions and live cuts. If I were rich, I’d look into those, but as it is, I’m happy with what I have. But make no mistake, you need the album proper.

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