Grateful Dead
1969/01/17- Santa Barbara, CA, Robertson Gym

1. Turn on Your Lovelight
2. Dark Star>
3. Saint Stephen>
4. The Eleven>
5. Death Don’t Have No Mercy
6. That’s It for the Other One>
7. Cosmic Charlie

Coming out of heady ’68, the Dead blast on through into 1969 with the usual Pigpen aplomb, twinkle through the still-blossoming “Dark Star”, play with the evolving sequenceing of ‘Stephen’/’Eleven’, have time for the spooky ‘Death’, then just rip through their ‘Other One’ suite before finishing with a nice ‘Charlie’.

Great sound and performances. There are a lot of recordings; some officially released, many unfortunately missing or cut, and still more in fine unreleased quality such as this one. For such a dense and pivitol year as 1969 was for the Grateful Dead, it is truly a wonder to have all this material not just to analyze, but to enjoy, fifty years on.

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