One of the essential outputs of human civilization!

Hyperbole? Sure. Make no mistake though, Arthur is a masterpiece. Arguably The Kinks’ best.

Loosely a concept album about British life, everything works. From the horn sections, the meditations on “Shangri-La”, to the cartoon artwork. Rockin’ when it should be, soft when it needs to be. The afore mentioned song and “Victoria” are the obvious highlights, but each song is very much worthwhile and a delight in its own way.

The Kinks are one of the most overlooked bands in history. Innovative, iconic, and perhaps most importantly- sound great! The instrumentation is the perfect 60’s rock band soundscape, the melodies are priceless, the lyracism is every-day peotry…It’s almost pointless to go through each element and praise it. A listen is really all you need to convey the majesty here.

The 2 disc reissue is the essential verion to get, with both mono and sterio versions (mono is nicer, but the differences aren’t particularly jarring), BBC versions, remixes, backing tracks, and other suplemental tracks. I also have this album as a part of the Mono Vinyl box set from a few years ago, and it is a great pressing as well as having faithfully reproduced LP jacksts/ephemera.

Whatever your media format, this is a top album and my highest recommnedation!

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