The Byrds
1969/05/23- Los Angeles

1. Lover Of The Bayou
2. You Ain’t Going Nowhere
3. Welcome Back Home
4. Old Blue
5. My Back Pages
6. Baby What Do You Want Me To Do
7. He Was A Friend Of Mine
8. Truck Stop Girl
9. Guest Intros
10. Break My Mind
11. I’m Moving On
12. Take A City
13. Chestnut Mare
14. This Wheel’s On Fire
15. It’s Alright Ma
16. Jesus Is Just Alright
17. Turn! Turn! Turn!
18. Mr. Tambourine Man
19. Eight Miles High

Fantastic late-sixties Byrds; missing Clark, Crosby, Hillman and Parsons but featuring Linda Ronstadt, Gram Parsons, John Hammond, and Gib Guilbeau as a guests. Wonder how that’ll work out, right? As per their modus operandi, there’s a heaping helping of Dylan songs, all fitting like a glove. Enjoy!

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