Marc Almond
2016/10/23- London, England, Playhouse Theater

1. I’m Coming
2. The Bulls
3. The Desperate Ones
4. My Death
5. Carousel
6. Please Don’t Go (Alternate Version of “If You Go Away”)
7. The Devil (OK)
8. Amsterdam
9. Litany for a Return
10. Jacky
11. Mother Fist
12. There Is a Bed
13. Saint Judy
14. The Room Below
15. Angel In Her Kiss
16. The Hustler
17. Melancholy Rose
18. Mr. Sad
19. The Sea Says
20. Champ
21. Ruby Red
22. The River
23. talk concert box set thanks band intros
24. What Makes a Man
25. Trials of Eyeliner
26. You Have
27. talk guitar
28. Gutter Hearts

Happy Birthday to Marc Almond! Celebrate with this concert: a complete performance of the album Mother Fist and Her Five Daughters, a glorious helping of Brel covers, and a few other rare tracks! The featured album is one of my all time favorites, and bringing it out in this style truly is marvelous.

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