I am an unabashed Kylie obsessive. Body Language is a good album with two fantastic singles: “Slow” and “Chocolate”. That being said, I am not as much of a fan of the more commercial pop-R&B sound she took with this album. Nothing against trying new things, and I appreciate her diversity. It just sounds a bit dated and not to my preference.

For example, the raps in “Secrets (Take You Home)” are a off-putting and lowers enjoyment of what could have been a great song. “Red Blooded Woman” is fair, but could easily be Britney Spears (a favorite of my wife’s, but not especially mine).

The highlights, as I began this review, easily make up for these shortcomings, however. Oh man, “Slow” and “Chocolate”… these are pop perfection! There are full album length singles that include various remixes of these songs that are well worth finding as well. In particular, for “Slow”: Extended Mix, The Chemical Brothers Remix, Funk Slow a Mutha Remix, and Stem’s Down ‘N Slow Dub. “Chocolate”: EMO Mix/Dub.

There are a few B-sides and unreleased songs- decent, but with the era’s sound/shortcomings and none are essential.

For the two songs I detailed, highly recommended.

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