The Pretenders
2000/02/14- San Francisco, CA

1. Samurai
2. Legalize Me
3. Message Of Love
4. Talk Of The Town
5. Downtown (Akron)
6. My City Was Gone
7. Baby’s Breath
8. Thin Line Between Love And Hate
9. Biker
10. Who’s Who
11. Human
12. Kid
13. Back On The Chain Gang
14. Don’t Get Me Wrong
15. Night In My Veins
16. Room Full Of Mirrors
17. Popstar
18. Middle Of The Road
19. Mystery Achievement
20. Stop Your Sobbing
21. Rabo De Nube
22. Brass In Pocket

Excellent concert broadcast. Along with the requesite classics, several great new tunes make appearances and are not to be skipped: “Samurai” and “Baby’s Breath”.!pDYElKqZ!n2dN4rbulVGFb3zp7FiJ-Q

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