The Beatles
1965/08/19 b- Houston, TX

1. intro (Houston 1965) (evening)
2. Twist And Shout (Houston 1965) (evening)
3. She’s A Woman (Houston 1965) (evening)
4. I Feel Fine (Houston 1965) (evening)
5. Dizzy Miss Lizzy (Houston 1965) (evening)
6. Ticket To Ride (Houston 1965) (evening)
7. Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby (Houston 1965) (evening)
8. Can’t Buy Me Love (Houston 1965) (evening)
9. Baby’s In Black (Houston 1965) (evening)
10. I Wanna Be Your Man (Houston 1965) (evening)
11. A Hard Day’s Night (Houston 1965) (evening)
12. Help! (Houston 1965) (evening)
13. I’m Down (Houston 1965) (evening)
14. outro (Houston 1965) (evening)

The sound is fair, all things considered. But, if you are a collector, you’ll already have a mental filter for the overwealming crowd screaming and enjoy the performance for what it is.!wPgFAYqR!NwQd3yzGDVfCXrq-GKicwg

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