My wife and I just came back from Las Vegas, taking a long-overdue vacation and celebrating our 10th anniversary. I’ve never been to Vegas, and it was mind-blowing! Long gone are the charms from what you have seen in flims, but there is still a lot to see and do. The highlight of the trip was Le Reve- “The Dream”.

Since we aren’t rich, we chose only to go to one show. I’m glad it was Le Reve- “The Dream”. Oh my gosh. What an experience! Live singing from two artists on the balcony, moving stage, dozens of dancers, pyrotechnics, huge set pieces, the works!

I’m not a huge fan of show-tunes, but the songs were actually pretty good. Sometimes they verged on Disney-esque cheese, but managed to elevate themselves.

As for the production, faultless! The coreographed dancing would have been enough, but incorporated into diving, suspended through the air, and across the arena, it was truly an all-encomapasing experience. I can not state just how magical it was. We were in the second row closest to the stage, and we were within arms-lenth of the performers, as well as being splashed a few times!

If you are in Vegas, this is a show you must see! Best money spent there, without question!

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