Highly recommended! One of Harrison’s best solo albums.

This is superficially his ‘comeback album’ with a Beatles era focused song, plenty of radio-friendly hooks, rocking tunes focused on his trademark guitar, and buttery production. Very poppy, but not sickeningly so. Deeper though, his lyrics have arguably never been better, his voice is on point, and there is more to love with each listen.

“When We Was Fab” is one of the many Beatles’ solo career songs about that time. Yeah, they are a bit sappy, but it’s hard to fault their nostalgia and passion. The title track, “Devil’s Radio”, and “Got My Mind Set On You” are very good and considered by many to be discography highlights. “Fish On The Sand” is my favorite track for the album, however. Deep cut, but don’t skip and you will get locked into the groove which truly resonates. Not a stinker in the bunch, actually, and the expanded version is worthwhile with alternate/unreleased songs from ther era.

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