Mike Doughty
2000/04/28- Ames, IA, Maintainence Shop

1. True Dreams Of Wichita
2. Soundtrack To Mary
3. talk
4. So Far I Have Not Found The Science
5. talk
6. Lazybones
7. talk
8. The Pink Life
9. talk
10. Rising Sign
11. talk
12. Blue-Eyed Devil
13. talk
14. Real Love
15. Rachel
16. talk
17. St Louise Is Listening
18. talk
19. The Only Answer
20. The Idiot Kings
21. talk
22. Circles
23. talk
24. Soft Serve
25. Janine
26. talk
27. Moon Sammy
28. Is Chicago, Is Not Chicago

I love this period of Dought’s solo career. After the break-up of Soul Coughing, Doughty began his long-lived and varied solo career from the ground up. As an accoustic singer/songwriter, he toured out of a van and sold cd-rs of his new material. Audacious really.

Here, he hasn’t cleared the old SC material from his sets yet, and plays them mixed between the new tunes and lots of conversation with the audience. Great show.


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