Since getting back into bicycling, I wanted some tunes for the road. Headphones, even just for one ear are unsafe to me. So, after some research, I settled on this device for about $20 =S/H from Amazon. When looking up the details of my order, it is listed as currently unavailable.

PROS: Lightweight. Small-ish (the size of a sunglasses case). Comes with decent attachment to a bike bar. Easily labeled buttons for music control. Good sound for portable speakers. Variety of music sources (FM, micro SD, bluetooth). Flashlight. Good battery life.  Has lasted going on three years of sporadic use, including some rain.

CONS: The fixture to mount to a bar fits best on the top tube, not the handlebars. The rubber frame that holds the actual speaker on isn’t tight enough for average road biking. LOUD alarm button located inconviently next to music controls.

Long story short, I played around with configurations and found what works. I ended up zip-tying the speaker to the rubber frame so that it remains secure. I’ve learned not to fumble with the buttons while riding. For convience, I use the micro SD card; organization/selection isn’t the best, just transfer mp3s you know you’ll want to ride to, and if you are trying to listen to, say a concert in that order, the file names should be organized in that order.

I like it. It isn’t the easiest or best, but it fits the bill for my budget. Eventually, I’ll do some more research and upgrade to something better. I still feel kinda awkward about riding with music, even though MANY people do it, often at obnoxious volume which I have courtsey not to. Still, you can’t beat crusing with music and awareness of your surroundings.

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