Scientist is my absolute favorite Dub artist, and this album is an excellent (but nowhere near best!) entry. The production is fantastic, bending fairly standard reggae tracks into spacey, reverb and echo-laden compositions. The focus here is definately on melody under a microscope, with only minor but effrective vocals.

The theme or concept here is a boxing match, and there are some crowd effects thrown in between tracks, but it doesn’t hamper listening, and comes off more as a fun gimmic than anything else.

Highly recommended for those getting into dub; the beats are deep, but the mixing is not as oblique or progressive as Scientist would evolve into over the next few years. This album is easily available through reissue on CD or vinyl, both of which include the original tracks for comparison. Perfect complememnt. Unfortunately, they are under the banner “Junjo Presents”, due to rights issues. Even Scientist’s face has been altered on the artwork. Real shame. These are HIS albums, regardless of the copyrights ruling, and the propriety of altering history with the name and cover is disconcerning. Still, but it, and enjoy Scientist. File the discs under ‘S’.

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