Sugar Stains
2016/09/17 b- Tucson, AZ, Club Congress

1. //Sugar Stains 1
2. Sugar Stains 2
3. Sugar Stains 3
4. Sugar Stains 4
5. Trust Me
6. Sugar Stains 6
7. Wasted Years

365MM Tape #11. Audience recording, standing, center stage mid-crowd. Zoom H1 and Audio Reality Binural Microphones w/High Quality WAV->Audacity track divisions/labeling/dead air cut->MP3. First generation, uncirculated.

Missed the first opener, Fish Karma, and came into this set part way through. Good rock band. Had never heard them before but definately worth seeing again. Tried to match up song titles, but could only decypher one. If anyone has a setlist, I’d appreciate it! Finished off with a great Iron Maiden cover.

Tried out new mic placement and recording levels. Came out great, especially considering the venue (cavernous, oddly shaped)!!NbIXnQLb!_UIYkV_p5jNyI4AbIyozBA

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