Bob Dylan
Never Ending Tour Birthday ’88-’18

Disc 1
1. You’re a Big Girl Now (1988/06/30- Wantaugh, NY)
2. Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door (1989/07/03- Milwaukee, WI)
3. Like A Rolling Stone (1990/01/12- New Haven, Toad’s Place)
4. The Man In Me (1991/02/02- Glasgow, Scotland)
5. Most Of The Time (1992/04/24- Waikiki, Hawaii)
6. I And I (1993/09/12- Mansfield)
7. Most Likely You’ll Go Your Way, I’ll Go Mine (1994/10/09- Boston)
8. Stuck Inside of Mobile With the Memphis Blues Again (1995/05/27- Monterey, CA)
9. If Not For You (1996/04/27- Toronto, Canada)

Disc 2
10. Can’t Wait (1997/12/08- New York City, NY, Irving Plaza)
11. Love Sick (1998/07/09- Stockholm, Sweden, Globe Arena)
12. The Sound of Silence (W/Paul Simon) (1999/07/20- Albany, NY)
13. Country Pie (2000/10/03- Paris, France)
14. Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (2001/03/06- Osaka, Japan)
15. Brown Sugar (2002/10/05- Eugene, OR)
16. Tombstone Blues (2003/04/20- Austin, TX)
17. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (2004/11/09- East Lansing, MI)
18. A-11 (2005/03/14- Oakland, CA)
19. Tangled Up in Blue (2006/11/13- New York, NY)
20. Senor (Tales of Yankee Power) (2007/07/24- Tucson, AZ)

Disc 3
21. Masters Of War (2008/03/15- Buenos Aires, Argentina)
22. Ballad of a Thin Man (2009/07/05- Rothbery, Music Festival)
23. I Don’t Believe You (2010/03/13- Osaka, Japan)
24. Visions of Johanna (2011/07/19- Tucson, AZ)
25. All Along The Watchtower (2012/10/05- Winnipeg, Canada)
26. Blind Willie McTell (2013/04/09- Lowell, MA)
27. Things Have Changed (2014/04/03- Tokyo, Japan)
28. Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ (2015/06/20- Mainz, SL)
29. Pay In Blood (2016/04/11- Osaka, Japan)
30. Scarlet Town (2017/04/01- Stockholm, Sweden)
31. Desolation Row (2018/03/30- Barcelona, Spain)

Happy New Year! As promised, here’s the compilation from my Dylan Never Ending Tour retrospective. 1 song from each concert/year. A more easily digestable overview of personal hilights from now going on 31 years!

Constructing the compilation proved to be interesting itself. Each leg of each touring year has its own unique feel and setlists, let alone the particular tone of any given night’s performance. To distill that into a cohesive evolution across 31 tracks without repeats, include essential classics, and select interesting covers, was an exercise in compromise and balance. For example, there is a wonderful unofficial 9 CD bootleg release, The Genuine Never Ending Tour Covers Collection 1988-2000, that details just the cover songs from a much shorter period! It would almost be futile to expect any compilation to check every box and satisfy everyone. I envy, respect, and understand the flack music archivists in positions to make official releases from such expansive catalogues.

With that said, I hope you enjoy! These are very biased selections, but I think the choices are justifiable. If you listen and come across a tune you are pleasantly surprised by, I hope you’ll check out the corresponding full concert it came from (posted in the month prior). I guarantee the deeper you delve, the more the mystery and your appreciation of Dylan will unfold.!Ba43QCDB!ACuvzTdD65xfvoOBp3nI-w

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