Happy New Year!

While I’m not ususally one for the whole ‘resolutions’ thing, there have been a few things on my mind that I fiugred would tie in nicely here on my blog. Nothing super personal, and all music related. As cliche as it may be for the new year, it’s a good thing to organize one’s goals in order to achieve them. So, in no particular order, here we go!

1. Finish my Dub album- Yes, please don’t laugh. Without playing an instrument or having any musical education, inspiration hit me and I’m trying my hand at it. It won’t be a slick production and it isn’t ‘traditional’. Think Pink Floyd meets Scientist. Or, at least that’s the sound in my head I’m going for. What it ends up as, we’ll see.

2. Go to more concerts- Garbage was definately the highlight of 2018. I feel like I’ve either been staying in more lately or not a lot of good bands have been coming around these parts. Whatever the reason, I’d like to get out to see more live acts.

3. Save up for a good turntable/speakers- I’ve been meaning to buy a good set-up for years and years. Something always comes up, be it luxury like a box set I can’t pass up, or something more mundane and necessecary, like re-doing our floors.

4. Decide the best digital/hard copy playing solution for bootlegs- I have thousands and thousands of concerts on my computer. Growing each day. My quest for a storage/playing solution that meets my obsessive requirements is frustrating. Imperfect as it was, I liked Amazon Alexa because it retained most of the meta-data and I was able (with limited difficulty ) to find a particualr concert and play it. Since then, Amazon has decided to end its music storage subscription service. I can no longer add songs, and though what is in that cloud I can still play, will likely disappear in a few months. So, I’m back to researching dedicated music servers and considering investing in cd-r’s. Both options are pricey and have their pros and cons.

5. Save up for more/better vinyl shelf space- Again, something i’ve been meaning to do for a while. Right now I have kitchen metal racks almost full for my 24ish feet worth of vinyl. Would it be nice to have a professional wooden shelving? Yeah. Would it be expensive? Also yes. I’ll probably settle on another affordable addition.

6. Expand the scope of 365musicmusings- I’ve had a blast over the last year of blogging. BIG learing curve. Setting the goal of a post a day has been daunting but I really do thing jumping into the waters has been a good thing. Unfortunately, the self-inposed deadline has sometimes meant I’ve fallen back on easier posts. Soon, expect new categories and deeper involvement than before.

7. Sell my Grateful Dead Dave’s Picks- Don’t get me wrong! I love the Dead and the DaP’s series. I just don’t listen to the CD format. It’s really Ipod or vinyl for me. Since the Daves’ are CD only, they just sit on my shelves. If there was a download subscription or vinyl option (oh, that price would be prohibitive, though), I’d do that. I’d rather sell them off to a Deadhead who would use them more than I. So, if that Deadhead is you reading this, I have Volumes 13-28 with the bonus discs in near-mint condition, all mostly just ripped and physically played a few times if you are interested. Haven’t checked the going prices, but I won’t be an e-bay gouger. I do have a discogs account, but haven’t ever sold/shipped things. So if you are interested but not in a rush, contact me and I’ll get the ball rolling.

8. Clean my records- I have the supplies, it’s just a duanting task haha!

2019. I’m ready to make some progress. If you have any resolutions or comments about any of mine, please comment!

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