Bob Dylan
2018/03/30- Barcelona, Spain

1. Things Have Changed
2. It Aint Me, Babe
3. Highway 61 Revisited
4. Simple Twist of Fate
5. Duquesne Whistle
6. Melancholy Mood
7. High Water (For Charley Patton)
8. Tryin’ To Get To Heaven
9. Full Moon and Empty Arms
10. Pay in Blood
11. Tangled Up In Blue
12. Soon After Midnight
13. Early Roman Kings
14. Desolation Row
15. Long and Wated Years
16. Thunder on the Mountain
17. Autumn Leaves
18. Love Sick
19. Blowin’ in the Wind
20. Ballad of a Thin Man

Dylan actually came back to Tucson recently and I was put through Ticketmaster hell trying with no success. As it turns out, one of my closest friends was offered a spare ticket and he went! Well, I can’t be too angry- it was his first time seeing Dylan and he deserved the great time he had. …I can be jealous though!

Anyway, 2018 marks Sinatra Dylan, year 4! No new album, however, and for better or worse, I hope his fascination has come to an end. This show comes from early in the year, where ‘The Set’ has been more or less taken for granted. At the show my friend went to more recently, there were signs of new life. “When I paint My Masterpiece”? “Gotta Serve Somebody”? Not a single Sinatra song!

So, as my Never Ending Tour retrospective comes to a close and I begin my thirties, I have hope for the future. Like the tour, my past is a series of dates filled with surprises, mistakes, joy, and sorrow. All the performances and backstage realities gone by that makes me who I am today. I try to be Dylan by staying true to myself. “All I can be is me- whoever that is”.

Hope you have a Happy New Year.!UOIEAIAC!yWUXAcLLxi0KCiSpATLQkw

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