Bob Dylan
2014/04/03- Tokyo, Japan

1. Intro
2. Things Have Changed
3. She Belongs to Me
4. Beyond Here Lies Nothing
5. What Good Am I?
6. Waiting For You
7. Duquesne Whistle
8. Pay in Blood
9. Tangled Up In Blue
10. Love Sick
11. Intros
12. High Water (For Charley Patton)
13. Simple Twist of Fate
14. Early Roman Kings
15. Forgetful Heart
16. Spirit on the Water
17. Scarlet Town
18. Soon After Midnight
19. Long and Wasted Years
20. All Along the Watchtower
21. Blowin’ in the Wind

As usual, Dylan’s Far East tours are always solid. Now with a set break, the concerts have a different feel. Still not sure how I feel about it, but change is none the less interesting. Tempest songs feeling more confident, if that’s possible.!IKAG2IbD!kDXCdGd4D1ZtAOattsxuHA

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