Bob Dylan
1996/04/27- Toronto, Canada

1. Drifter’s Escape
2. If Not For You
3. All Along The Watchtower
4. Positively 4th Street
5. Watching The River Flow
6. Silvio
7. Tangled Up In Blue
8. Masters Of War
9. Mama, You Been On My Mind
10. Seeing The Real You At Last
11. This Wheel’s On Fire
12. Maggie’s Farm
13. Alabama Getaway
14. My Back Pages

Before I came up with the “31 Days of Dylan” concept (name still pending), I had already posted my favorite show of ’96- Belrin. Fortunately, there are many more great performances from the year to choose from, and Toronto came out to my mood just a hair above. Now, since both are up, it pays to compare the differences and similarities a few months make. “Drifter’s Escape” was still new to the set and the Grateful Dead cover of “Alabama Getaway” remained a nice rememberance of the then-recently passed Jerry Garcia.!4XRUHIJQ!837xKPhClxFaW3pbOy9etw

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