Bob Dylan
1990/01/12- New Haven, Toad’s Place

1. Walk A Mile In My Shoes
2. One More Cup Of Coffee (Valley Below)
3. Rainy Day Women #12&35
4. Trouble No More
5. I’ve Been All Around This World
6. Political World
7. Where Teardrops Fall
8. Tears Of Rage
9. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
10. Everybody’s Moving
11. It Takes A Lot To Laugh (It Takes A Train To Cry)
12. Watching The River Flow
13. What Was It That You Wanted
14. Oh Babe,
15. Lenny Bruce
16. I Believe In You
17. Man Of Peace
18. Across The Borderline
19. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
20. All Along The Watchtower
21. Tight Connection To My Heart
22. Political World
23. What Good Am I?
24. Wiggle Wiggle
25. Stuck Inside Of Mobile (With The Memphis Blues Again)
26. Paid The Price
27. Help Me Make It Through The Night
28. Man In The Long Black Coat
29. Congratulations
30. Dancing In The Dark
31. Lonesome Whistle Blues
32. Confidential To Me
33. In The Garden
34. Everything Is Broken
35. So Long, Good Luck And Goodbye
36. Where Teardrops Fall #2
37. Political World #3
38. Pretty Peggy-O
39. I’ll Remember You
40. Key To The Highway
41. Joey
42. Lay, Lady, Lay
43. I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Met)
44. When Did You Leave Heaven?
45. Maggie’s Farm
46. Hang Me, Oh Hang Me #2 (I’ve Been All Around This World)
47. In The Pines
48. Highway 61 Revisited
49. Precious Memories
50. Like A Rolling Stone

1990 feels like ’88 updated with the confidence of Oh Mercy and but still refining the lessons learned from the last two years of touring. Not bad at all.

Presesnted here is the entirety of Dylan’s longest concert ever- the famed Toad’s Place! 4 sets, 50 songs, over 4 hours! Positioned at the start of the year’s tours, Dylan took the unprescedented opportunity to treat the concert as a warm-up, with a super loose feel of jamming with the band and running through several songs a few times throughout. Add in an handful of covers, requests, and Dylan interacting with the crowd a lot, you have one crazy show!!NHRmDYAQ!HXlwv1eUFXKu9UV3bAyCbA

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