I’ve been a bit remiss in posting my personal tapes due to work, training for my bike marathon, etc. Hoping to rectify that long gap pretty soon, with the next installment in the next few days, more to follow soon.

Also, December 1st marks the big 3-O for me, and I’ve been debating various musical themes I could tie in to celebrate. Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific show from that date to post, so I decided to go with something else that started what seems like so long ago.

Taking a cue from the Grateful Dead’s 50th Anniversary set, 30 Trips Around The Sun, each day of December, I’ll sequentally post a favorite show from each year of Bob Dylan’s Never Ending Tour. From 1988 and continuing on even now, each show is a nice glimpse into the tone of the year, the surprise breakouts, and interesting setlist rotations as time has gone by. Also, as with the Dead, I understand not everyone wants 31 complete concerts, so I’ll assemble a compilation of highlights; one song a concert, to allow a more compact mosaic to digest.

Hope you are a fan, otherwise, see you in 2019!

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