Grateful Dead
1994/07/29- Hebron, OH, Buckeye Lake Music Center

1. Rain
2. Feel Like a Stranger
3. Bertha
4. Wang Dang Doodle
5. Loser
6. El Paso
7. Althea
8. Eternity
9. Deal
10. Foolish Heart ->
11. I Want To Tell You
12. Looks Like Rain
13. Samba In The Rain
14. Uncle John’s Band >
15. Saint of Circumstance >
16. Drums >
17. Space >
18. I Need A Miracle >
19. Standing On the Moon ->
20. Turn On Your Lovelight
21. The Mighty Quinn

Here’s a nice late-era Dead concert that goes under the radar of non-omnivores. Great flow and everyone is in fine form. I like how the band incorporated related songs to match the weather, and this is perfect for another rainy day! Also of note, is the second Beatles cover, “I Want to Tell You”. Only played 7 times.!dWZkTKIL!d_fkh-7B6YWU3yV_Mw5RHg

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