Oh boy. Demolition. Where do I begin? Well, at least it isn’t as bad as its predecessor, Jugulator. 

Judas Priest was not in a good state in the late 90s. Halford gone, Owens in, their sound moving with the times, incorporating “Nu-Metal”. Ugh. If you like the best Priest is known for, you will detest this album.

I rate a third of the tracks one star. They really are that abysmally  unimaginative and shockingly bad. Being more objective, I might rate the other two thirds of the songs between two and three stars; being at best, average crappy speed metal and if a song comes up on shuffle, the equivilent to not being opposed to letting a Slipknot song finish on the radio. I would never actively decide to play the album in its entirety, though, and do not recommend it to anyone except the most obsessive metal fans.

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