Adam Ant
1979/02/12- High Wycombe

1. Intro
2. Nietsche Baby
3. Day I Met God
4. Animals And Men
5. Cleopatra
6. Kick!
7. Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face)
8. Catholic Day
9. Boil In The Bag Man
10. Family Of Noise
11. Press Darlings
12. Zerox
13. Lady
14. Puerto Rican ~ Scab
15. Fall In
16. B-Side Baby
17. Hampstead

Someone once recommended Ant to me in regards to his contemporaries. Short on money at the time to buy an album, I found this boot. Didn’t exactly win me over, but hopefully there’s someone out there who will enjoy it more.!5e4iQAyA!C_93CmtKcHNseKzeo5KEdw

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