2015/03/14- Louisville, KY

1. Intro
2. Let’s Go Crazy
3. Take Me With U
4. U Got The Look
5. Funknroll
6. Controversy
7. 1999
8. Little Red Corvette
9. Nothing Compares 2 U
10. Kiss
11. When Doves Cry
12. Nasty Girl
13. Sign O’ The Times
14. Hot Thing
15. I Would Die 4 U
16. Housequake
17. The X’s Face
18. Forever In My Life
19. Pretzelbodylogic (Incl. The Sailors Hornpipe)//

Great but incomplete soundboard. Only complaint, if you have to call it that, is the dryness; whenever Prince pauses for audience response, there is near silence. Can be annoying unless you are playing especially to sing along. Otherwise excellent late era purple music!!4PpSVSbB!lQujfiBD40-nTtsKNtMHlg

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