2018/10/07- Tempe, AZ, Marquee Theater

1. Afterglow
2. Deadwood
3. Temptation Waits
4. Wicked Ways
5. Special
6. The World Is Not Enough
7. 13x Forever
8. Get Busy With The Fizzy
9. Hammering In My Head
10. Medication
11. Thirteen
12. Can’t Seem To Make You Mine
13. I Think I’m Paranoid
14. Sleep Together
15. Dumb
16. Soldier Through This
17. Lick The Pavement
18. Push It
19. When I Grow Up
20. You Look So Fine/Dreams
21. The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
22. No Horses (alt source)
23. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go) (alt source)

After writing my concert review yesterday, I couldn’t help but follow it up with the recording! Special thanks again to the original taper! Great concert!!hHZyTYBa!QO9eYX6mxXVJQ7uwaDg4vw

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