Had been meaning to pick this one up for a while now. When my wife heard and liked a track on the radio (she’s not a big PM fan), I knew it was over due!

First impressions: pretty good! Not the second comming, as some have reported, but definately an abover average McCartney record. When considering the class and output of the artist, it can be hard to be objective. Sure, there are a few schlocky songs and a few modern production choices I would rather had not been done, but that’s ok. The majority of the songs are good, and a few are very good.

“Come On To Me”, stands out in particular. As my wife described, it is a very catch song that sounds a bit like Franz Ferdinand. Imagine “Take Me Out” if it were done in ’73 by Wings. Even the video has that pop-art feel. Don’t let the comparison sound disparaging. It’s great!

So, is this the first McCartney album I would sugguest to someone who’s been living under a rock for the last 50 years? No. Is it the best album of his in a decade? Probably not. Is it a worthwhile listen and fine addition to his discography? Absolutely!

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