One word- Amazing!

True, there are just a few omissions and the DVD doesn’t play all the videos (there’s an email on the band’s official site to request a replacement, awaiting a response now), but I am otherwise very pleased!

If you are only passingly familiar with Soft Cell and want an all in one package that covers their career, this is it. If you are a die-hard fan, there’s more than enough unreleased, beautifully remastered, and new material well worth the modest price.

The book has a ton of great photos and history to read. The CDs are housed nicely without a single smudge or scratch, and everything sounds perfect. No more listening to late generation rips of original Mutant Moments! Sounds like it was recorded yesterday and you got the record right off the press!

I am especially digging the Non-Stop Euphoric Dubbing suite. Just getting into the world of dub this last year, and this is a great balance of original tune, vocals, and effects. Very good. I must have already played this half a dozen times!

Also of note are the new extended/remixed versions. “Secret Life” has always been a favorite of mine, and the new version grooves for longer and sharper. The new “Martin” is no slouch either! Even spookier than the original, if you can believe it! The Erasure “Bedsitter” has the 12″ extra lyrics, which I adore, but I hate to admit that it is the least interesting overall. Glad they tried it though.

Still available and highly, highly recommended!

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