The Last Shadow Puppets
2016/08/21- Netherlands, Lowlands Festival

1. (@Tape – String intro)
2. Calm Like You
3. Separate And Ever Deadly
4. The Age Of The Understatement
5. Aviation
6. Used to Be My Girl
7. Bad Habits
8. Only The Truth
9. The Dream Synopsis
10. Miracle Aligner
11. My Mistakes Were Made For You
12. Standing Next To Me
13. Sweet Dreams, TN
14. Meeting Place
15. Dracula Teeth
16. In My Room / (Unknown – LCD Soundsystem jam)

Great concert from the fantastic Turner/Kane collaboration! Wonderful performance and recording. Special note goes to the closing LCD Soundsystem jam. Highly unique and recommended. Wish they would jam like that more often!!ECBCSCiS!nYXsro7QnOWgZ3jNHPjLQg

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