Soft Cell
1983/05/05- Valencia

1. Forever the Same
2. Insecure Me
3. Torch
4. Loving You Hating Me
5. Bedsitter
6. Youth
7. Baby Doll
8. Martin
9. The Art of Falling Apart
10. Purple Haze
11. Frustration
12. Memorabilia
13. Heat
14. Ghost Rider
15. Say Hello Wave Goodbye

In anticipation of recieving the new Soft Cell box, new songs, and final concert, I’ve been going through my boots of theirs. To be honest, I only have a handful, and some are recorded very poorly. This is generally listenable, if I am being kind. But, if you are as big a cellmate as I am, any recording is better than none! Great performance and mix of songs.!gLAQgYDY!T78MbKfgvG3Xy_JGPVVjAw

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