The Byrds
1970/01/04 b- San Francisco, Fillmore

1. tune up
2. I’ll Feel A Whole Lot Better
3. This Wheel’s On Fire
4. Positively 4th Street
5. Roll Over Beethoven
6. Honky Tonk Medley
7. So You Want To Be A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
8. You Don’t Miss Your Water
9. Jesus Is Just Alright
10. Nashville West
11. Turn! Turn! Turn!
12. Mr Tambourine Man – incomplete
13. Eight Miles High
14. He Was A Friend Of Mine
15. Hold It

This has to be a contender for my favorite Byrds concerts! Their Dylan admiration is in full force with an awesome opening sequence and the unfortunately marred ‘Tambourine Man’. The remaining tunes are nothing less than you could possibly want from the early 70s era.!FTgxnDoC!9nMqkobp-dHujCOf7MW0Fw

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