Arcade Fire
2017/07/17- Milan, Italy (FM)

1. intro
2. Everything Now
3. Rebellion Lies
4. Here Comes The Night Time
5. Chemistry
6. Electric Blue
7. Signs Of Life
8. No Cars Go
9. The Suburbs
10. Ready To Start
11. Tunnels
12. Sprawl II
13. Reflektor
14. Afterlife
15. Creature Comfort
16. Power Out
17. -encore break
18. Wake Up
19. Neon Bible
20. -radioutro
21. Interview with Will Butler

I’ve never been a die-hard fan of the band, but they do have some good tunes, and this is a good boot to have of their current era, with a good selection of songs from their catalogue. The dj is not too intrusive, and there is an interview at the end.!sP4xSDoA!TGbzbP2SI4ftx61FVQ0u3w

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