Grateful Dead
The Ark

1. Introduction (1969/04/23)
2. Hard To Handle (1969/04/23)
3. Sittin’ On Top of The World (1969/04/23)
4. Foxy Lady Jam (1969/04/21)
5. Death Don’t Have No Mercy (1969/04/22)
6. He Was a Friend of Mine (1969/04/23)
7. Doin’ That Rag (1969/04/23)
8. Mountains of the Moon (1969/04/22)
9. Dark Star (1969/04/21)
10. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue (1969/04/23)

The three night run from April 1969 in Boston has long been a delight for Dead fans. Somehow, they have remained commercially unreleased. To provide a sweet sampling of these powehouse performances, here’s The Ark!

Whiddling down almost eight hours to 80 minutes was no easy task, but to help matters, the band played several suites multiple times. However, songs such as “Dark Star” are excellent each time, and my choice is fairly arbitrary. Other sellections are career one-off’s (‘Foxy’), while others are here to represent the only era in which they were played (‘Rag’). The other tracks reflect the mood of the concerts nicely. If this compilation whets your appetite, the full sets are well worth seeking out, or if you don’t mind waiting, will probably show up here as reposts at some point.!dbY3FICL!gh3OlqkNoRqgDPwuJWWeHQ

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