2009/08/22- Clearwater, FL

1. Introduction
2. Helplessly Hoping
3. Wasted On The Way
4. Ruby Tuesday
5. Close Your Eyes
6. Reason To Believe
7. Girl From North Country
8. Guinnevere
9. Dream For Him
10. In Your Name
11. Uncle John’s Band
12. Our House
13. Southern Cross
14. Band Introductions
15. Love The One You’re With
16. Marrakesh Express
17. Rock & Roll Woman
18. Long Time Gone
19. Just A Song Before I Go
20. Cathedral
21. Deja Vu
22. Bluebird
23. Almost Cut My Hair
24. Wooden Ships
25. For What Its Worth
26. Teach Your Children

It’s great when the members of CSN (and sometimes Y) aren’t fighting and make great music together. Great concert, especially to hear the Grateful Dead cover “Uncle John’s Band”. Glad to see Crosby remembering the ‘David and The Dorks’ days!


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