Tom Walbank
2016/03/04 a- Tucson, AZ, Rialto Theater

1. Tom Walbank Intro
2. Long Distance Call
3. Sugar Coated Love
4. Guns of Brixton
5. She’s Nineteen Years Old
6. Baby What You Want Me To Do
7. Boogie Children
8. Pima County Jail
9. Band_Theater Thanks
10. Harmonica Piece

365MM Tape #8. Audience recording 5 seats from the stage, 3 from the middle isle. Zoom H1 and Audio Reality Binural Microphones w/High Quality WAV->Audacity track divisions/labeling/dead air cut->MP3. First generation, uncirculated.

The Rialto can be a great theater for standing concerts, seatled like this, a little uncomfortable. Very close quarters on folding seats with a very active audience. Good local opener. Straight blues set. Came out very nicely. Only thing better is the main act. Come back tomorrow for… Canned Heat!!daRgWSCZ!9E_TONU4ksqOxllXkxaasQ

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