Package arrived yesterday. Good and bad news.

Bad news first. The cd and vinyl were packed together, causing the vinyl to be bent. First time I’ve ever had this issue with an official Dead store product. Am going to have to contact them to see if I can return/get a replacement. Would not have been a problem if they had inserted a cardboard or two to keep the record rigid! Argh! I hate dealing with damaged products. I wonder if this happened with more peoples’ orders of both formats?

Good news- the cds are great! Though lacking the single edits, any outtakes, or the live tracks available on the early 2000’s cd reissue (also part of the “Golden Road” box set), the remastering of both the original and 1971 remix sound great. I haven’t had time yet to do a comparison to my other copies (a super worn 1st pressing, the warner box, or my previously mentioned cd). The concert is short but sweet and from a quick sampling does sound like an upgrade from the boot I already had. Hopefully this will be released on vinyl like the self titled 50th concert was for Record Store Day. Also, cool lentacular (sp?) cover. The album artwork benefits from the hologram effect.

Wish the release came in perfect condition, but that’s the risk of buying online. I hope I can have it replaced without much more hassle. Time will tell. Otherwise, great reissue if you dont already have the album or need an upgrade. The vinyl, cd, and downloads (though digitally can apparently sometimes be an issue) are all still available.

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