Paul McCartney and Wings
1976/05/25- New-York, NY, Madison Square Garden

1. Venus And Mars / Rock Show
2. Jet
3. Let Me Roll It
4. Spirits of Ancient Egypt
5. Medicine Jar
6. Maybe I’m Amazed
7. Call Me Back Again
8. Lady Madonna
9. The Long And Winding Road
10. Live And Let Die
11. Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)
12. Richard Cory
13. Bluebird
14. I’ve Just Seen A Face
15. Blackbird
16. Yesterday
17. You Gave Me The Answer
18. Magneto And Titanium Man
19. My Love
20. Listen To What The Man Said
21. Let’Em In
22. Time To Hide
23. Silly Love Songs
24. Beware My Love
25. Letting Go
26. Band On The Run
27. Hi, Hi, Hi
28. Soily

The “Wings Over The World” tour was very good. As indulgent as the accompaning album, Wings Over America might have seemed as a tripple LP, it was representative of the majesty of the shows. Here, McCartney and crew put on another killer show at the famoust Madison Square Garden. Enjoy!!xaRFyQaL!_5YuJLZVbZZXXsVdU37IGg

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