The Tragically Hip
1989/11/30- Toronto (FM)

1. She Didnt Know
2. Highway Girl
3. Smalltown Bringdown
4. Opiated
5. Every Time You Go
6. Last American Exit
7. Boots or Hearts
8. 38 Years Old
9. Blow at High Dough
10. New Orleans Is Sinking
11. When the Weight Comes Down

Unfortunately, I hadn’t the pleasure of being a fan of The Tragically Hip until Gord Downie’s publicised illness and final concert hype. Excellent band from what I’ve listeded to so far. While their studio albums are well crafted and interesting in their own right, I have a special affection for this, the first boot I found and listened to from them. From early in their career, the mood of a small club and their youthful enthusiasm practically drips through the speakers. The recording is most likely a partial set, broadcast on the radio with some announcements, but none too intrusiuve. Great listen! Maybe this’ll turn you into a fan too? R.I.P. Downie.!YOAw2YRS!nxabFH3aIPSPzFK5ClT0FA

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