The entire 1980 Anchorage run really is as amazing as its legend claims, and truly deserves a complete official release. For the band’s only venture to the northernmost state, the beautiful surroundings and occasion (summer solstice, when the sun never really set) provided a backdrop for magic. What resulted are consistently strong performances of songs old and new.  Enjoy!

Grateful Dead
Baked Alaska

1. Jack Straw> (1980/06/20- Anchorage, AK)
2. Franklin’s Tower (1980/06/20- Anchorage, AK)
3. Big Railroad Blues (1980/06/21- Anchorage, AK)
4. Lost Sailor> (1980/06/20- Anchorage, AK)
5. Saint of Circumstance (1980/06/20- Anchorage, AK)
6. Terrapin Station> (1980/06/21- Anchorage, AK)
7. Playin’ In The Band (1980/06/21- Anchorage, AK)
8. Althea (1980/06/19- Anchorage, AK)
9. Alabama Getaway (1980/06/20- Anchorage, AK)

To make selections from a great residency a little easier, a handful of songs were repeated over the course of the three ‘nights’, namely: “Althea”, ‘Alabama’, and ‘Sailor-Circumstance’, all of which are great and made this cut. “Big Railroad Blues” was still a rarity only beginning to make its way back into rotation. Next, the opening pairing of ‘Jack-Franklin’s’ is absolutely brilliant! Perhaps the best gem, however, is ‘Terrapin-Playin”. Has to be heard to be believed! Please do!!EHRjjTKI!cMmb89Yzk9FCtPATB59qng


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