The Amy Mendoza Band
2015/10/14 b- Tucson, AZ, The Flycatcher- Tribute to David Bowie

1. //Fame
2. Stay
3. “Heroes” with Introduction
4. Moonage Daydream

365MM Tape #4a. Audience recording front of slightly raised stage. Zoom H1 and Audio Reality Binural Microphones w/High Quality WAV->Audacity track divisions/labeling/dead air cut->MP3. First generation, uncirculated.

My wife and I ended up missing the first band, Sock Fight, and the beginning of this set. Who knew a band would begin at the listed time? A first for me! These are good covers of great songs, played pretty close and passionately. I love David Bowie, and now cover bands are unfortunately as close as I’ll come to seeing him.

This is also my first time using the Audio Reality Binural Microphones. Boy, was I nervous about testing them out! Eventually, I’ll post about how I wire myself up and operate my rig. For now, I’ll just say that a little prep went a long way to a great recording. In the midst of a loud and active crowd, the set came out extremely listenable. Very enjoyable show at the time and revisiting!!5OJnBQRR!4_84RY3kJiusP0TcVCh5_g

Tomorrow, part 2!

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