I don’t remember the exact first time I heard “Heart of Glass”, or even if it was the first Blondie song to my ears, but it was occasionally on the radio and made an early impression.

What a cool band! How perfect a song is that? It still is, and only one of so many more!

An early CD I bought was the ‘Best of’. From there, I downloaded everything else (including a lot of great live recordings) and have been able to find good vinyl copies of most of their albums, an eye open for the rest! Debbie Harry and crew often come up when I’m looking for something to listen to.

Keeping up with them since their reformation, the quality of their output has been a bit less even. No one can blame them for experimenting, though, and voices changing is inevitable. Their latest album, Pollinator, is actually quite good, with a sound that reminds of their glory-days, tweaked for today. Long live Blondie!

2 thoughts on “GATEWAY MUSIC: “Heart of Glass”

  1. This BLONDIE video for HEART OF GLASS was filmed literally two blocks away from my house in NJ where I used to live as a kid in the 1970s. It was a disco called THE SOAP FACTORY. I was not there at the time — too young, but some kids in my class had heard about it and were talking about it in school. This was a few years even before MTV.

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